Acknowledgements and Contributors

Patrizio Bonzani Timo Abele Jan Stückrath MichaelRossner Kevin Latka Stefan Rotman Johannes Thorn Sandra Parsick Max Hofer PacoVK Joachim Röttinger Tulio Camminati Erlwein, Björn Guido Miranda Boerlage Zheng-Bote Bence Hornák Adelrich König (koa) Andreas Klemp (EXT) Gerd Aschemann SidekickJohn Bjoern Kasteleiner Sivasubramanian Kalidasan Adrian Partl Stefan Boos Martin schowave Sebastian Schütze Jan-Niklas Vierheller janmaterne Bennykillua Aaron Collier Jody Winter Ralf D. Müller Jeremie Bresson Alexander Schmitt Daniel Kocot Jan Hendriks Schrotti FIXED-TERM Macaluso Andrea (XC-DA/ESS1) Nikolay Orozov Txemanu Björn Seebeck Daniel Kessel Vladi Joseph Staub Peter Stange Werner Kevin Nils Mahlstaedt stehlih Michael Prieß Maarten Gribnau sabatmonk Daniel Bast Andreas Offenhaeuser Luis Muniz bit-jkraushaar Stefan Bohn Jorge Christoph Raaflaub ghp-dev Dr. Stefan Pfeiffer funkr Lars Francke Fabian Nonnenmacher David M. Carr jakubjab

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Why Contributions Matter

Without our amazing community of contributors, the docToolchain project wouldn’t exist in its current form. As an open source project, we depend on the skills and expertise of many to deliver a quality outcome. From developers to technical writers, many people have made valuable contributions to the code and the docs. We’re so grateful to them. We are also thankful for those in our community who take the time to give feedback, create issues, answer questions and send pull requests.

Get Involved!

There are so many technologies that support docToolchain, including AsciiDoc, AsciiDoctor, Gradle and arc42. We need all the help we can get to make improvements and keep our project humming. Simply create an issue and send a pull request.