15 February 2023, Ralf D. Müller

docToolchain v2.2.0 has Been Released!

About This Release

This is a fresh release of many nice features. The best probably is the exportConfluence Task which lets you export a whole confluence space to AsciiDoc!

To test the new release, the docToolchain wrapper dtcw will not be updated until the end of the week.

To discuss the new features, a new discussion thread has been created.

please take a close look at the changelog, because there are some breaking changes

Changes which need migration

the docker image has been moved to doctoolchain/doctoolchain:v2.2.0
a big "THANK YOU" to all Sponsors and Contributors who helped to support docToolchain!

You like docToolchain? What about helping to make it even better? docToolchain is a community project, so be part of the community which drives the project. You don’t have to code for doing so. It would even help to brush up the docs, write tutorials or groom the backlog (I guess many of the open issues are already fixed).

2.2.0 - 2023-02-16



  • new Task exportConfluence

  • Add confluenceBearerToken property

  • rubyExtensions configuration

  • CZ as language for downloadTemplate

  • Enable to use a particular version of DTC from the wrapper by setting the environment variable 'DTC_VERSION' accordingly.

  • publishToConfluence: Add possibility to set the page version comment

  • exportEAP.vbs: trim notes filename

  • exportEAP.vbs: creates for each model a combined notes

  • exportEAP.vbs: msg "looking for…​" extended for EA 16.1