03 November 2023, Pascal Euhus

docToolchain release v3.1.0!

About This Release

Here it is: docToolchain v3.1.0! It contains two major changes:

  • docToolchain starts to become more modularized. This enables us to provide a core component which can be used by other projects as well, without the use of Gradle. Though, Gradle will still get the full support.

  • Atlassian is currently deprecating the Confluence API v1. This release candidate contains the first steps to support the new API v2. From January 2024 on, the old API will be shut down for all Cloud Instances (see). While the script logic was mostly unaffected, the RestClient had to be rewritten. Although we tested everything, we need your help to test the new API to verify we didn’t miss anything.


  • to switch to the new API, you have to set the confluence.useV1Api property to false in your docToolchainConfig.groovy file. This is recommended for all users using Confluence Cloud.

3.1.0 - 2023-11-03



  • introduce docToolchain core component to modularize the project

  • implement Confluence API v2 support

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