Diagrams: Diagrams.net

There is no exportDiagramsnet or exportDrawio task, because working with these diagrams is more convenient than with the other diagramming tools.

Diagrams.net (formerly known as Draw.io) is a neat little tool which is able to store the source of your diagrams in the meta-data of your .png or .svg files. To recognize these files as diagrams.net files, give them the extension myfile.dio.png or myfile.dio.svg.

In IntelliJ, with the asciidoctor plugin and the diagrams.net plugin installed, type something like


IntelliJ will show you that the file doesn’t exist.


Press alt+shift+enter to create the file. IntelliJ will then launch a local copy of the diagrams.net editor.

Every change in the diagram will be directly reflected in your document.

Figure 1. just a demo image