14 July 2023, Ralf D. Müller

docToolchain release candidate v3.0.0!

About This Release

Wow! The docToolchain community managed to prepare the biggest release in the history of docToolchain! :-)

This release was made possible through the hard work of the following wonderful contributors (in no special order):

@camminati @RoettingerJ @PacoVK @bit-jkraushaar @Frank-dev20 @windows97 @mh182 @rdmueller @dependabot @sparsick @johthor @srotman @PeterStange

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  • 13 Contributors

  • 18+ fixes

  • several additions

  • lots of dependency updates

Since this is currently only a pre-release / release candidate, please play around with it, test it and report all your findings.


  title: Antora ARC42 Template
  start_page: arc42-template::index.adoc
  - url: ./
    start_path: src/docs
    branches: [HEAD]
    url: https://gitlab.com/antora/antora-ui-default/-/jobs/artifacts/HEAD/raw/build/ui-bundle.zip?job=bundle-stable
    snapshot: true
    sectanchors: true

  dir: build/antora

3.0.0-rc1 - 2023-07-13


  • configure if build should fail on missing images

    • introduces configuration property failOnMissingImages

  • introduce generateContent task - AI for docToolchain

  • added req42 framework to downloadTemplate task

  • added 'FR' as language for arc42

  • Antora support (beta), setup a docToolchain project and integrate it as module seamlessly into your existing Antora playbook. See downloadTemplate task for more details.

  • added short tutorial about changing the theme of a microsite


  • add support for Java 17, drop support for Java 8

  • upgrade Gradle to 8.1.1

  • upgrade dependencies

    • 'com.athaydes:spock-reports:2.3.2-groovy-3.0'

    • 'com.github.ben-manes.versions:0.46.0'

    • 'com.structurizr:structurizr-dsl:1.30.1'

    • 'com.structurizr:structurizr-export:1.14.0'

    • 'com.structurizr:structurizr-graphviz:2.0.0'

    • 'de.undercouch.download:5.4.0'

    • 'io.pebbletemplates:pebble:3.2.0'

    • 'net.bytebuddy:byte-buddy:1.14.4'

    • 'org.asciidoctor:asciidoctor-gradle-jvm:4.0.0-alpha.1' (remove obsolete cloning of reveal.js)

    • 'org.asciidoctor:asciidoctorj-diagram:2.2.7'

    • 'org.apache.httpcomponents:httpmime:4.5.14'

    • 'org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml:5.2.3'

    • 'org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-xml:3.0.13'

    • 'org.jsoup:jsoup:1.16.1'

    • 'org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter-api:5.9.3'

    • 'org.openapitools:openapi-generator-gradle-plugin:6.6.0'

    • 'org.openapi.generator:6.6.0'

    • 'org.spockframework:spock-core:2.3-groovy-3.0'

  • dtcw and dtcw.ps1:

    • improve output with hints to guide the user

    • add --version option

    • deprecate getJava with install java

    • add environment variable DTC_CONFIG_FILE to specify a configuration file other than than docToolchainConfig.groovy in the project root folder

  • collectIncludes

    • changed regexp to start with ^[A-Za-z] as file name to allow lowercase filenames as well.

    • certain directories are excluded from traversal. Define excludeDirectories in order to skip additional directories.

  • doc: replace old URL doctoolchain.github.io occurrences with the new doctoolchain.org

  • publishToConfluence

    • support embedded images


To discuss the new features, a new discussion thread has been created.

a big "THANK YOU" to all Sponsors and Contributors who helped to support docToolchain!

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