20 December 2023, Pascal Euhus

docToolchain release v3.2.0

About This Release

Here it is: docToolchain v3.2.0!

We could reduce the size of the release by ~70MB compared to v3.1.2 and ~120MB compared to v2.2.1. Additionally we successfully closed a plenty vulnerabilities in the dependencies (11 Critical, 76 High, 129 Medium).

It contains two major changes:

  • Clean up dependency tree

    • Removed build-in server for previewSite task. the task is now a no-op. There is no replacement for the build-in server. Simply open the generated .html in your browser. previewSite may be removed in a future release.

    • Removed unused dependencies

  • Refactored exportJiraIssues and exportJiraSprintChangelog tasks.

    • Improved error handling for all Atlassian API calls

    • Introduced new configuration option jira.exports as a replacement for jira.requests. The change is backwards compatible, but the new configuration option is recommended and the deprecated jira.requests will be removed soon.

    • Introduce configuration option to limit the number of API calls per second to avoid 429 errors


3.2.0 - 2023-12-20



a big "THANK YOU" to all Sponsors and Contributors who helped to support docToolchain!

You like docToolchain?
What about helping to make it even better?
docToolchain is a community project, so be part of the community which drives the project.
You don’t have to code for doing so.
It would even help to brush up the docs, write tutorials or groom the backlog
(I guess many of the open issues are already fixed).