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About This Task

This task exports a simplified (key and summary) list of Jira issues for a specific sprint defined in the task configuration. Only a few additional fields (such as assignee) can be switched using configuration flags.

Once you define the sprint, the relevant AsciiDoc and Excel files will be generated. If a sprint is not defined in the configuration, changelogs for all sprints that match the configuration will be saved in separate AsciiDoc files and in different tabs within an Excel file.

The task configuration can be found within Config.gradle. In addition to the configuration snippet below, it is important to configure the Jira API and credentials in the Jira section of the configuration inside the same file.


// Sprint changelog configuration generate changelog lists based on tickets in sprints of an Jira instance.
// This feature requires at least Jira API & credentials to be properly set in Jira section of this configuration
sprintChangelog = [:]
sprintChangelog.with {
    sprintState = 'closed' // it is possible to define multiple states, i.e. 'closed, active, future'
    ticketStatus = "Done, Closed" // it is possible to define multiple ticket statuses, i.e. "Done, Closed, 'in Progress'"

    showAssignee = false
    showTicketStatus = false
    showTicketType = true
    sprintBoardId = 12345  // Jira instance probably have multiple boards; here it can be defined which board should be used

    // Output folder for this task inside main outputPath
    resultsFolder = 'Sprints'

    // if sprintName is not defined or sprint with that name isn't found, release notes will be created on for all sprints that match sprint state configuration
    sprintName = 'PRJ Sprint 1' // if sprint with a given sprintName is found, release notes will be created just for that sprint
    allSprintsFilename = 'Sprints_Changelogs' // Extension will be automatically added.


Show source code of scripts/exportJiraSprintChangelog.gradle or go directly to GitHub · docToolchain/scripts/exportJiraSprintChangelog.gradle.
task exportJiraSprintChangelog(
        description: 'exports all jira issues from Sprint for release notes',
        group: 'docToolchain'
) {
    doLast {
        config.targetDir = targetDir
        new ExportJiraSprintChangelogTask(config).execute()