Johannes Thorn Ralf D. Müller

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About This Task

You miss a special task in the above list? Or maybe you want to change a task to better fit your needs? Why not create your own project specific task?

Execute ./dtcw createTask and docToolchain will create and configure a custom gradle task for you in a folder scripts.

To get started, take a look at all the other tasks to see how they solve problems. Copy and modify the code to your own task and start hacking.


Show source code of scripts/customTasks.gradle or go directly to GitHub · docToolchain/scripts/customTasks.gradle.
config.customTasks?.each { task ->
    println "include custom task $task"
    apply from: docDir+'/'+task

task createTask(
        description: 'create a new Task as quick start',
        group: 'docToolchain'
) {
    doLast {
        def file = new File(docDir+'/scripts/customTask.gradle')
        new File(docDir+"/scripts").mkdirs()
task customTask (
        description: 'a custom task',
        group: 'docToolchain'
) {
    doLast {
        println "your own custom task"
        def config = new File(docDir+'/'+mainConfigFile)
            "/[*][*] customTasks [*][*]/",
            "'scripts/customTask.gradle',\n\t\t/** customTasks **/"
        println """
custom task
created and configured