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About This Task

This task invokes the htmlSanityCheck gradle plugin. It is a standalone (batch- and command-line) HTML sanity checker whose role is to detect missing images, dead links and duplicated bookmarks. In docToolchain, the htmlSanityCheck task ensures that generated HTML contains no missing links or other problems. It is the last default task, and creates a report in build/report/htmlchecks/index.html (see example below).

Figure 1. sample report

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Show source code of scripts/htmlSanityCheck.gradle or go directly to GitHub · docToolchain/scripts/htmlSanityCheck.gradle.
htmlSanityCheck {
    sourceDir = new File(config.htmlSanityCheck.sourceDir?targetDir+"/"+config.htmlSanityCheck.sourceDir:"$targetDir/html5")
    // files to check - in Set-notation
    //sourceDocuments = [ "one-file.html", "another-file.html", "index.html"]

    // where to put results of sanityChecks...
    checkingResultsDir = new File(config.htmlSanityCheck.checkingResultsDir?:checkingResultsPath)
    // directory where the results written to in JUnit XML format
    junitResultsDir = new File(config.htmlSanityCheck.junitResultsDir?:"$targetDir/test-results/htmlchecks")

    // which statuscodes shall be interpreted as warning, error or success defaults to standard
    httpSuccessCodes = config.htmlSanityCheck.httpSuccessCodes?:[]
    httpWarningCodes = config.htmlSanityCheck.httpWarningCodes?:[]
    httpErrorCodes = config.htmlSanityCheck.httpErrorCodes?:[]

    // fail build on errors?
    failOnErrors = config.htmlSanityCheck.failOnErrors?:false "docToolchain> HSC sourceDir: ${sourceDir}" "docToolchain> HSC checkingResultsDir: ${checkingResultsDir}"